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Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia

PANDA Thank You
We did it ... again! Thank you SO much to everyone to who took the time to contribute to our PANDA - Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia - Yes Art Project! We collected a huge number of images thanks to your generosity (and borrowed a few from past campaigns in some colours we needed!) and have created a stunning collaborative art piece to hang on the walls of PANDA Australia's Melbourne based volunteer helpline centre. We are so thrilled to have been able to spread the word about this incredible organisation during our Yes Art campaign and create this piece of artwork that will no doubt inspire and bring joy to their wonderful team of volunteers.

On our recent trip to Melbourne, we were also lucky enough to be able to spend some time with PANDA CEO Terri Smith and Fundraising & Communications Manager David Sutherland discussing some of the exciting ways we are hoping to work together in the future within our Yes Community - particularly to our huge following of newborn photographers. It has been such a pleasure working with this wonderful organisation and we are looking forward to many years of collaboration with them in the future. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we launch the sale of our PANDA stationery products and digital files to raise funds for their organisation.

Special thanks must go to PANDA Champion Susan who came along to the Style Pose Click photography event to recieve the artwork on behalf of PANDA and to our project photographer, Katie Fiorillo of Sugar Images Geelong, for donating our main image and speaking openly about her own experiences with perinatal anxiety and depression. We are so thankful to both of you for sharing your journeys with us!

Huge thanks must also go to the incredible people at Camera House Australia and Croydon Camera House who have printed our PANDA Yes Art and continue to support us at a corporate level to help build our mental health related projects. You guys are amazing and we are forever grateful!

And finally, thank YOU! For taking a moment out of your day. To contribute to the bigger picture. It feels good doesn't it? To be a part of something meaningful and to join a communtiy that is doing great things for others. We appreciate every single one of you!

Kate, Samantha and The Yes Project team

- Up to 1 in 10 women and 1 in 20 men experience antenatal depression.
- More than 1 in 7 new mums and up to 1 in 10 new dads experience postnatal depression.
- Antenatal and Postnatal anxiety is just as common and many parents experience anxiety and depression at the same time.

At The Yes Project, we faciliate activities to help everyone with their mental health and wellbeing but we most certainly accept that in many cases, more specific support is often required to assist people in need. Our programs are just a small part of the full picture and we are so thrilled to run Yes Art projects that support the fantastic work of other mental health organistions around Australia.

Thank you Katie
PANDA wall
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YES ART PROJECTS are collaborative art activities that allow people from all over the country (or world?!) to get involved in something fun and meaningful. It's great for your mental health and wellbeing to be a part of something with a greater purpose. To know that you are doing good for others and by contributing your own art or photography to something that relies on a whole community of people to bring the project to life.
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